Who are Sean & Lara Capparuccia and why do they have a website?

We started this website as a place to publish

         thoughts and ideas,





                              fictions and factuals,

                                and maggots of all kinds. 

In essence - here is where we display our writings.  

     We are both musicians and have taught privately and in schools for many long years.  We home-schooled our five children from first grade to high school and all have gone to college (none needing to take a remedial course.)  So, with the intellectual stimulation of our progeny at a distance, we decided that we should continue trying to stimulate by writing and publishing. 

     We are both Christians and try (try!) to live as though our Lord is coming back today.  We study the Scriptures and know them to be God's revealed Word.  We accept a Reformed view of the interpretation of those Scriptures because, well, it makes the most sense.  We don't purport to know all that there is but we seek to know what we can.  We don't believe in private interpretations and personal revelations because what God has said, He says to all of His people, to which the world (here defined as those not His people) would do well to listen. 

     We are concerned with the state of Christ's Church and the state of the world in which the Church must live and so most of our thoughts center on religion and politics, which is another reason why we thought we would write - so as not to upset the dinner table too awful much.

     We hope you find some stimulus amongst our thoughts and whether you agree or disagree, in part or in whole, we at least hope our grammar is something of which to be well spoken.  

     If you would like to see a topic discussed, or ranted and raved upon, let us know on the Contact page.  We are always looking for fodder to fuel the fires.  

May God bless you and keep you,

and make His wonderful face to shine upon you!